Sydney LOVE Activation Centre

Sydney L.O.V.E Activation Centre

is a free Energy Healing training community group provides its members with the following resources:

  1. Free study material for learning energy work, energy healing and self-development based on the popular modality – LOVE Innerversity
  2. Meeting location and gathering opportunities for training partners
  3. Assist members to find training partners
  4. Updates and reviews about the LOVE Innerversity

Sydney LOVE Activation Centre is based in Sydney, Australia. Anyone is welcomed to join. The group does have a main target geography which is the City of Ryde area. The reason for having a geographic focus is that 1). the City of Ryde area is a relatively central location convenient for most since our goal to serve as many people as possible; 2). the area provide affordable meeting venue which improves the group’s sustainability

The LOVE Innerversity is a natural healing/ self-development course which has about 400 students spread across continents. Regional LOVE Activation Centres are usually authorised voluntary groups organised by students. Some centres charge a fee for the venue or service provided while others do not charge. Dallas, United States and Vancouver, Canada each already have a centre. The Sydney LOVE Activation Centre is another Centre and it does not charge for a fee.


One way to look at learning energy healing is that we are learning to wield the power of Vibrational Energy. That is exactly what the LOVE Innerversity and Sydney LOVE Activation Centre are doing. We do not wish you to spend your precious time to re-invent the wheel, investigate how energy works by trail and error An universal Laws of Vibrational Energy has been already been mapped out. What we want to do now is simply follow an instructional manual and learn how to use it. There are other great courses offered by that explores Laws of Vibrational Energy in depth. Although you will learn what is the L.O.V.E. , LOVE Innerversity and Sydney LOVE Activation Centre really focus on how to use it for Energy Healing.

What Sydney LOVE Activation Centre Have To Offer

Sydney LOVE Activation Centre is like a study group for training partners to learn the LOVE Innerversity techniques. Training partners do not need to be enrolled in the official LOVE Innerversity course.

While the LOVE Innerversity is a self-paced, paid-for course, Sydney LOVE Activation Centre shares a huge part of the LOVE Innerversity content free of charge. LOVE Innerversity provides direct teaching whereas Sydney LOVE Activation Centre provides information sharing, partnering and location.

A training partner of Sydney LOVE Activation Centre will enjoy enough learning materials and could achieve great learning results without the need to join LOVE Innerversity.  Conversely, a training partner who is familiar with Sydney LOVE Activation Centre learning materials may find themselves want to further their learning by joining the professionally produced LOVE Innerversity.

From Jan 2012, the LOVE Inerversity is closed for everyone except for professional health care providers with PhD Degrees in the Health Industry. The price for the Love Innerversity is going sky rocket from only USD 997 to USD 36,000.

As of Feb 2012,  the LOVE Innerversity courses are closed to new students until they begin next season of classes.

Sydney LOVE Activation Centre runs irrespective of  LOVE Innerversity enrollment seasons.

Learning Approach And Goal

The way we look at it, Energy Healing is NOT about ‘laying a hand on someone, somehow transmitting some sort of energy and healing a bunch of people’. It IS mainly about self-development and performance enhancement. As a byproduct you gain understanding of the body’s natural healing mechanism and how to turn it on. It is more about training your body to self heal and training others body to self heal. LOVE Innerversity is a modality that emphasise on ‘how the techniques work in action’ more than ‘how the techniques work in theory’. Students can customise their learning time and effort by, for example, choosing to either focus on actual practices while skip through the theories Or give both practices and theories an equal focus.

Reasons For Learning the LOVE Innerversity

Based on your personal needs, the LOVE Innerversity modality can be applied to many different areas:

  1. Performance enhancement – If you want to improve your decision making and you reaction time towards any everyday tasks. If you want to development certain character traits, sports skills, enhance certain business/ career skills such as time management and marketing.
  2. Relationship improvement – If you want to improve your skills with friendships, relationships, family dynamics and networking.
  3. Peak physical state – If you want to have more energy and get in better shape, enhance senses such as hearing, sight and touch.
  4. Pain reduction and healing – If you want  to heal from certain physical injures or illnesses .
  5. Mind and emotional healing – If you want to heal from certain psychological traumas and emotional distresses. If you want to remove harmful belief systems, behavioural patterns or addictions.
  6. Spiritual development – If you want to hence your spiritual senses and knowledge as well as to raise consciousness. You want to increase drastically your spiritual energy and abilities. If you want to build great core competency for learning spiritual skills such as Astral travel, Remote Viewing, Channeling, Extra Sensory Perception, Divination and more.
  7. Personal value – If you want to add some cool skills to your skills set. You want to walk and talk with more value and present yourself with more value.
  8. Future opportunities –  Both the complimentary therapy and personal/ spiritual coaching industries have not been fully developed. The outlook of these industries are bright, demand will be greater than supply. The LOVE Innerversity can be your stepping stone to tap into these industries.
  9. Add-on value –  If you are already a health or natural healing practitioner, personal or spiritual coach, this is a great modality to be added to your professional skill sets.

Five Applications Of the LOVE Innerversity Knowledge:

  1. Personal development – Focus on improving areas such as personal performance, relationships and health.
  2. Personal spiritual development – Focus on improving areas such as consciousness technologies and spiritual abilities.
  3. Personal and spiritual coaching – Focus on becoming a trainer.
  4. Health and natural healing professionals – Focus on adding value to existing professional packages/ services.
  5. Combinations of above.

What Is Unique About The Sydney LOVE Activation Centre

  • It is for free.
  • Lot of video and action, not much.
  • Generates motivation, drive you towards your passion.
  • Team environment, no judgment, no competition.
  • State-of-the-art modality with an unique combination of sophistication and ease of learning.

8 Common Mistakes In Learning Energy Healing And Counter Measures

An objective or vision is often a big goal and an empty statement. In stead, we just want to remember 8 little things to avoid and 8 little things to adopt listed below.

Address 8 Common Mistakes And Counter Measures

Mistake #1: Lack of awareness and emphasis of ones own health.
Counter measure #1: Laser focus into health.

Mistake #2: Using ineffective energy methods.
Counter measure #2: Use effective energy methods.

Mistake #3: Practicing alone.
Counter measure #3: Practice with other people.

Mistake #4: Lack of motivation and consistency.
Counter measure #4: Stay motivated and be consistent.

Mistake #5: All theory no action or all action no theory.
Counter measure #5: Emphasise on taking actions. Using conversion cycles: Start with some theory followed by a lot of actions then go back to a lot of theory and end with some actions. Always end with an action.

Mistake #6: Always try to be perfect or strives for big win.
Counter measure #6: Take baby steps, enjoy the process.

Mistake #7: Taking it way too serious.
Counter measure #7: Have fun, enjoy the moment.

Mistake #8:  When train in a group, only do group meditation or listen to lectures.
Counter measure #8: Do activations on each other. Use both small teams and big group. Train with inter-active techniques.

Suggested Learning Strategy

Each of below points warrant its own blog post, but to summarise:

  • Train to access brain wave states through breath.
  • Forget about re-inventing the wheel.
  • Forget about trying to become a guru.
  • Forget about hoping to change your life overnight.
  • Avoid reading too much theories and instead take actions. Take baby steps, do something half an hour per day. Do 3 hours of training per week. Aim at making minor tweaks and marginal improvements.
  • Do energy with other training partners.
  • Train the whole physical body in stead of only train the mind or only train the brain.
  • Process positive as well rather than only process negative charges.
  • Treat this as a hobby or a sport or a game and have fun with it.

Training Sessions And Events

Training sessions are being held on a weekly bases. You may follow our event calendar by the below methods.

  1. Events calendar posted on the gadget bar on the right hand side of the webpage.
  2. Events calendar page
  3. Subscribe to this website and receive email updates
  4. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter

Training Activities – Video And Practice Sessions

The two main types of activities are video sessions and practice sessions

During video sessions, group members can watch prerecorded  training videos produced by the LOVE Innerversity presented by Core Love. Usually each video runs about 2 to 3 hours long. The videos contain mixtures of theory sections, practice sections and sometimes Core will give a particular Energy Activation which viewers should receive similar effect as if one is present in a live class. There are over 80 hours of instructional training video (See copy right) which forms the core training module.

Practice sessions are called Activations, an Activation is a session of healing performed by one training partner on another training partner. Performing Activations is our main emphasis.

Some Activations are being done on yourself, but most are being done on another training partner. Majority of the Activations need to be done in person while the Breath of Love Activation can be done remotely over online video chat.

The organiser will act as a facilitator to help you get familiarised with the training modules and help answer questions.

LOVE Innerversity

is an energy modality founded by life coach and spiritual teacher Core Love and delivered via the website The Love Innerversity training course is known for its excellent and vast amount of training video content.  Currently it has about 87 hours of training videos and the content keeps growing.

The LOVE Innerversity provides a structure that pushes you towards whatever you are most passionate about. It is a journey to discover the amazing spiritual aspect of your body and mind.
The LOVE Innerversity is a training manual which grounds spiritual knowledge into the practical application of how to use the human body to its full potential. It starts with looking the most basic necessity: How to increase energy. It provides techniques such as how to remove energy blockages, false belief systems, positive and negative charges so that you can increase your energy.

Through performing Energy Activations, you energy level will gradually gain amplitude and flow. At the same time your body’s programming will change according to your new instructions. You body can use these new found energy and programming to not only improve health but also function at a higher level. The optimal result is a shift to an upgraded operating system and a better relationship between you and your body.

LOVE Innerversity Modules

The course has three major modules:

Spiral G: The Techniques to eliminate pain almost instantly, boost your sense of touch, activate your higher ability to feel physically and heal other people’s body, and gain the ability to take years of aging off your face and have the capability to give the gift of beauty, vitality and youth to anyone you choose.

Breath of Love: This technique alone will give you a degree in psychology from the inside. Forget reading about every so called “Experts” theory when you can experience the mechanical dynamics of human psychology for yourself. The Breath of Love produces a powerful consciousness awakening as you explore the depths of yourself while boosting energy, unlocking new senses, enhancing brain processing power, gain the ability to acquire new personality characteristics and clear your mind of any and every trauma from your past restoring your childlike nature from within.

Spinner G: Awaken, Activate & Amplify the amount of Energy in your life with the most intricate energy training available. Learn how to quickly run diagnostics on your life to identify where you are blocked and the exact procedures to build the life you desire. Create Orbs with Intention and Blast them into the people you know and watch how they physically react when the Orb Activates their Body on impact. Use the Spinner G Technique to literally process thousands of memories at once and feel the energy rush through your veins and expand outward connecting you with all of life.

–, 2012

From Jan 2012, the LOVE Innerversity has been closed for everyone except for professional health care providers with PhD Degrees in the Health Industry. The price for the Love Innerversity is going sky rocket from only USD 997 to USD 36,000.

As of Feb 2012,  the LOVE Innerversity courses are closed to new students until they begin next season of classes.

Sydney LOVE Activation Centre runs irrespective of  LOVE Innerversity enrollment seasons.

Core Love

Core Love (birth name Cory Herter) is a spiritual teacher and life coach. Core delivers the LOVE Innerversity module through his website . (He was featured on radio show Coast2CoastAm on 7 Oct 2010. You may find a small number of Core’s old videos on Youtube.)

Long story short, Core’s journey started with a fatal car accident when he was ten years old.  He suffered from a severe brain injury and his brother also suffered crippling injures. Since then, Core embarked a 20 plus years long healing journey in seeking cures for himself and his brother. After having tired countless health products and healing methods, Core eventually discovered the mathematics and mechanism of how the human body operates. With this knowledge Core eventually healed himself and his brother. Core kept expanding his techniques and have become a master energy healer, spiritual teacher and life coach. The LOVE Innerversity systems has reached maturity around 2010 and hence the launch of the course LOVE Innerversity in 2011. Until today, Core is still continually improving his modalities.

Core’s Research And Discoveries

Core’s research focuses on the memory systems of the human body. This is largely a result from the brain injuries Core suffered from the car accident. After the car crash, Core lost all his memories and most abilities to react socially. He had to get his brain to relearn how to function like a normal human being…

Core’s injury caused him to experience over 300 times of Near Death Experience during a period of time. Perception of time is distorted inside these Near Death Experience induced high energy states, one can go through a life time or even hundreds if not thousands of years while their physical body has only lived through several hours. (In this case, what Core experienced are actually the rare trauma induced NDEs rather than OOBE per se.) It is in such states that Core had obtained a vast amount of spiritual information which includes such things as – the mechanics that is being built into the human body.

It is cliché these days, but another Core’s main source of information is downloading information through advanced Channeling.

While Core’s specialty is memory system, he also has the unique ability to turn the information obtained from spiritual visions into practical techniques or technologies. One approach Core uses is to always put his theories to test by grounding it into to the human body. Useful informations are the ones that we can all apply in everyday life, use on our body and change how we interact with our environment .

Core believes the build blocks of the human body is also the build blocks of nature. For example, he realises that the mechanism of a pyramid is built into all levels of the constructions of the human body and the nature. More on this, read here.

LOVE Innerversity Techniques – How Do They Work

One picture is worth a thousand words. A post will not do 80+ hours of training video justice. I recommend watch the videos yourself to achieve your own level of understanding.

Below are sample demonstrations of areas that  the LOVE Innerversity explores:

LOVE Innerversity’s founder Core Love discovered that the mechanism of a pyramid is built into all levels of the constructions of the human body and the nature. The shape of a pyramid cone is a geometry that converts energy into gamma wave. Much of  the LOVE Innerversity techniques are designed to initiate a brain wave sequence which at the end of each cycle produces Gamma wave. Rather than only picking one brain wave such as Theta, Beta, it is about a conversion process that involves all different waves and produces a full spectrum vibration that is Gamma…

The main reason the human body breaks down is that as the body ages, endure social stresses and environmental pollution, it no longer produces enough Gamma wave. A system does not operate in Gamma wave does not generate enough full spectrum generic operating energy during sleep to compensate for the energy usage during waking time. Once the body perceives this lack state, it decides it’s dying hence starts to turn off  functionalities one follow by another. This downward spiral is what we called aging which is essentially a downward spiral of life quality…

The human body is like a hard drive where memories of one’s whole life is stored. If a piece of memory contains an active charge, it wastes energy for the unit of the body to hold that charge in a certain brain wave state…

Energy Healing/ Energy Training

Through out this website, the words Energy Healing and Energy Training will be used  interchangeably.

Energy Healing is a very broad term. It is commonly regarded as a form of alternative therapy or holistic healing. Many therapies fall under Energy Healing, for example Reiki, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Aura and Chakra balancing, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy and many others.

In LOVE Innerversity and Sydney LOVE Activation Centre, we look at energy healing on a  vibrational level. Your vibrational energy determines who you are, how you express yourself, your programming, value system, your relationship with others, and more.

The way we see it is that is nether about just group meditation nor just hovering a hand over someone’s body and hope for a miracle healing. It is not about healing a bunch of people and ‘show off’. Rather, it is more about performing energy activation on one another which mutually generates Gamma wave and energy. It is more about total self development and transformation, understanding how to use the body and vibrational energy. Our ultimate focus  is to improve quality of life, healing comes along the way.

Between Sydney LOVE Activation Centre and LOVE Innerversity

There is no commercial relationship between the two. Sydney LOVE Activation Centre is a not-for profit communitygroup . Sydney LOVE Activation Centre provides a free version of a huge part of all materials offered by LOVE Innerversity. Sydney LOVE Activation Centre has been granted the permission to use the name LOVE Activation Centre and LOVE Innerversity.

About the organiser

Marcus is a LOVE Innerversity student and training partner at beginner level. He is the main organiser and contact of Sydney LOVE Activation Centre.

Why does he start this group:

  • He thinks this knowledge should have been taught in school. At least everyone should have be given the opportunity to learn this as they wish. He is passionate about this knowledge because it is just too interesting and useful to pass up.
  • He needs more training partners to practice with. The more people you train with the faster the learning process accelerates and the more powerful the technique works for you.
  • He hopes to help like minded people save some time, energy and money.

The LOVE Innerversity is the most advanced energy modality Marcus has come across so far. It is more down-to-earth, more holistic and makes more sense compared to many other techniques. He believes it is a supreme modality taught by a creditable source.

Finally, for the readers who are interested in taking on the course, it would be a good idea to treat it as one of you many hobbies or pass time or adding an additional skill to your many other personal developments. Although it is by itself not a fix-all program, it is a great foundation to built on. It is an eye opener and it opens doors for further developments.

Use of video content

  • Sydney LOVE Activation Centre does not make sales of video contents.
  • Sydney LOVE Activation Centre has been granted permission to show and play video contents to public and its members. However, it does not have the permission to distribute any copies of videos. Therefore, there will not be any downloadable video on our website and any request for copies of videos will not be considered.
  • We encourage training partner to attend live training session and watch the training videos with the group.